Great Yarmouth Sidewinders 40th Anniversary Rally

Back in the 80’s one of the favoured and favourite rally destinations, with many scooterists and scooter clubs, was Great Yarmouth.

Pretty much as something of a mainstay on the National Rally list of destinations, albeit on and off on occasion. The last time it was featured as a National was at the end of the noughties, when unseasonable snow storms blighted the weekend. With no rally in Norfolk the following year Great Yarmouth Sidewinders SC stepped up to offer a regional rally in their home town in 2013, which was, for a first time attempt at running a rally, relatively successful. Sadly, due to adverse weather conditions the following two years ended up with the Sidewinders losing money.  2016 marked the 40th Anniversary of the Sidewinders, so despite being out of pocket for their previous two, it was decided to go ahead with this year’s event to mark their anniversary in style.

Rally location was the Racecourse, with a separate area for camping, while the rally site offered an outside stage to accommodate some of the live acts booked, plus 3 rooms with different music genres on offer. For those who don’t want to camp, of course Great Yarmouth has an abundance of bed and breakfast, guest houses and Hotels.

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With the profusion of rally’s, gatherings and events pretty much each and every weekend on offer, throughout the season ( Easter till October) and either side, with the best will in the world, there simply isn’t enough space in a time sensitive publication to cover everything… or for that matter to do full justice to some of the events. Great Yarmouth Sidewinders 40th Anniversary rally did make it into the magazine, though only as one page feature. Given the numbers attending over the weekend, and the quality of the event as well as facilities and entertainment on offer, and additional, revisitation with images not published in the magazine, plus a bit more additional information here on the Scootering website gives a wider view of the Sidewinders Rally.

With  a variety of live acts, plus a wide variety of music on offer as the evening entertainment, as well as a family friendly leading, Sidewinders rally has appeal to some while likewise not having as much appeal to others. None the less with decent weather, this year’s event was an overwhelming success. Custom show attracting a captivatingly good array of different style machines. While the ride out into Great Yarmouth itself, which had over 200 scooters taking part gave the opportunity to those who want to visit the town for the afternoon to do just that. A fun packed, friendly and for those who enjoy an easy going vibe, with a vast choice of music, fantastic weekend.


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 Custom Show and Award winners

Best Vespa (Norwich Splinters Sc). B340 VBP

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 Eat My Shorts, Mark Harris
Best Lambretta (Toni Amanda) AVG 324D SX200, Kelvin Smith
Best Auto (Paul Gibbs painting & decorating) 928UYL

 Abbie, Bill Mustard
Best Oddity (Suffolk Smugglers Sc) 947FYY

 Lammy Trike, Lee Bell
Best Custom (Andy McDonall, Doors plus & EACH) JUX 182V

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 Castrol, Big Si
Best Classic (Paul Mccracken) 908 XUK, LD150

 Tony Luesby
Best Brightwork (Shoreline Bathrooms) FND93C Return of the Cap

 J Nash,
Best of Show (Coasters Sc) KOI 188S, Real McKoi, P Rodd

Best Paint (Ipswich Crusaders Sc) KOI 188S Real McKoi, P Rodd

Best Club Display (Colchester DVLC) Mini Mods Sc, Northampton

Riden Rat (Growlers Cafe) 414 UYJ, Rusty, Bully

Punters Choice (Anglian Scooter) 414 UYJ, Rusty, Bully

Furthest travelled (Great Yarmouth Wasps SC) 249 Miles, M Dennis, Gosport

Furthest travelled under 25 (Yoohoo Donuts) 64 miles Andy Warne 

Best turn out club (Monty Rolls) Splinters Sc, Norwich


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