Scooter Trader – Commercial Links

Adam of London
Often imitated, never equalled. Suppliers of quality classic English 60’s cut suits. Also suppliers of coats, scarves, shirts and ties. E-Mail:

Carole Nash
Carole Nash is one of the UK’s largest insurance brokers. We’ll help you find the right cover for your classic bike as well as touring bikes and more! We’ll help you find the right cover for your scooter including great benefits through Carole Nash.

ChasspeedChasspeed Fabs
We specialize in custom Lambretta and Vespa scooter parts, from sprint racks to upholstered seats and one-off bespoke parts. We are constantly adding to our range of parts , dedicated to upgrading and restoring your scooter at competitive prices. Also we supply Lambretta and Vespa essentials to get you home from that Rally, from a nut and bolt to a major part upwards.

Fishtail Parka
Home of the iconic fishtail parka. M48, M51 & M65 parka’s available. Protect those expensive Italian mohair suits and look the part with a fishtail parka. Available online or by visiting our business unit.

Medway Scooters Ltd
Dedicated Scooter enthusiasts who have been supporting the Scooter scene since 1962. Specialist in Repairs and Restorations. Sellers of top quality machines.

The Modfather Clothing Company
Located in London’s historic Camden Stables market. The Modfather Clothing Company is an innovative British based fashion business, set up to provide style conscious individuals with the threads they need to live the lives they wish to lead. Whether you’re a mod, skinhead, suedehead, rudeboy, casual or scooterist, Modfather Clothing has  specifically selected lines to suit your way of life. Should you wish to arrange a ride out to the store, please get in touch with us.
Mod Shoes is a website that as you guessed sells shoes online. They stock many scooter favorites including Oxblood Tassel Loafers The Prince, Loake Royal Brogues, Desert Boots, Monkey Boots, Monkey Jackets, Mod Jackets, Ladies Mod & Retro Vintage Style shoes and many others. They are very well known for the Peaky Blinder Style boots The Shelby Brogue Boots, The Arthur Derby Boots, The Thomas Dealer Boots. They ship all over the world, even as far away as Australia. The shop is run by a 2nd Generation MOD/Scooterist.