ZÜNDAPP 100 – International Zundapp Rally

The global ZÜNDAPP scene will meet from 25th to 28th May 2017 in Sigmaringen

The   legendary   motorcycle   manufacturer   ZÜNDAPP manufactured     extraordinary     vehicles     for     about seventy years.  These  vehicles  have  given  rise  to  a  fan base  around  the  world.  The  100th anniversary   of   the   make   is   therefore   reason   to organise  a  unique  event  around  the  ZÜNDAPP  make that  includes  all  vehicle  models  and  other  products made.


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A  group  of more than 20 clubs, special interest groups, forums and museums  from  all  over  the  ZÜNDAPP  community  has, in  combination  with  Brewery  Zoller-Hof,  taken  it  upon itself   to   bring   all   make   enthusiasts   together   and present the full product range to the world. This unique event focuses on the exchange of passion and   enthusiasm.   ZÜNDAPP   lovers   from   all   over   the world will come together in Sigmaringen, Germany, to celebrate for a full weekend. Sigmaringen is very suited to the event. The event grounds next to the council hall offer sufficient space and supporting infrastructure for many     participants.     The     romantic     city     and     its Hohenzollern   castle   is   looking   forward   to   receive guests from all over the world.  Hotels and boarding houses in the entire region offer accommodation which is complemented by a camping ground right next to the event grounds.


Participants will be met by an extensive programme the event. On the day of arrival (25th May) there will be a ‘meet and greet’ as well as a short motorcycle ride in the    countryside    surrounding    Sigmaringen    and    an opportunity    to    visit    the    ZÜNDAPP    museum    in Sigmaringen. On the event ground, like on the next two days,  there  will  be  a  parts  exchange  and  display  of historical  ZÜNDAPP  footage.  In the evening the official event opening will take place in the party tent.

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On   Friday   the   26th,   participants   can   discover   the charming  surroundings  along  the  Swabian  Alb  and  the Danube  valley  during  a  motoring  tour  which  will  also stop  at  the  old  timer  museum  in  Meßkirch.  The  castle of Hohenzollern can be visited form  1 pm  where event participants  can  park  and  display  their  vehicles  on  the castle    grounds.    The    day    will    be    concluded    with ZÜNDAPP    conversation    and    music    by    the    band HAUTNAH in the party tent.


Saturday the 27th will focus on the display of the entire ZÜNDAPP product range on the event grounds. Visitors are welcome.  A unique display of types of all vehicle models will provide a once in a lifetime overview of the ZÜNDAPP    product    range    and    the    evolution    of individual vehicle types. In addition, special and custom vehicles will be on display which will include vehicles built under licence and replicas.

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Further information about the event and registration forms      can      be      found      on      the      homepage: www.zundapp100.org

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