Yamaha launches the 04GEN – those MotoGP bikes don’t have wings, THESE are wings!


In a motorcycle world that’s suddenly got a wing fetish – how about these for wings then?

We’ve seen three cool concepts in the ‘GEN’ range from Yamaha so far and last night the factory unveiled a fourth installment – this see-thru-bodywork future scooter.


Shown at the Vietnam Motorcycle Show under the corporate swag banner of ‘refined dynamism’ the 04GEN apparently ‘evokes the image of women with an air of dignified elegance and grace in mind and body’… yep.




And, according to Yamaha: ’04GEN creates a lively atmosphere with a trapezoidal, long and low overall silhouette. Its innovative design, which consists of the frame that evokes the image of a woman with vibrancy and inner fortitude, and the light exterior designed in the motif of a swan, synthesizes the interior and exterior to achieve a rare beauty.’


So that’s that then. We’ve already seen the three-wheeled 01GEN which was the odd-looking bike with pincers and the 02GEN was the powered wheelchair, 04GEN is this pretty funky-looking and fairly understated scooter styling exercise which – we’ll admit it – we really like.


What do you think? Here’s some video walkaround of the new scoot:


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