Video: An Italian blast on a suped-up Vespa

2016-04-15 09_38_41-On Board 2 • GoPro Hero4 Silver Vespa 50 Special 130 Zirri_Quattrini M1L d.56 -B

Check out this screaming onboard video of a Vespa 50 Special 130 being given the berries by Italian scooterman Nicola Pellistri. It’s a video that appeared last year so it’s not new, but we like it all the same.

So far, so normal about this sort of thing; scooter with various racing mods going a bit nuts with a mate on a motorcycle around typically twisting Italian roads.


But check it out all the same, Pellistri isn’t afraid to open it up and wheelies past his mate on the bike at one point.

As a video, it’s pretty much guaranteed to raise the eyebrows in places. Here’s the video:


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