Vespa-styled Segway goes on sale

Vespa-styled custom Segway goes on sale.


Forget your Segways and whatever those ratty little hoverboard-things are that catch fire and destroy children’s legs – this is what you need in your life. And you can buy this Vespa-autobalance scooter thing already done or as a kit you put together yourself.

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Called the Scooter Zero, this is a vehicle designed by Corradion D’Ascanio for the Italian design house Bel & Bel.


We showed you the chair they make from old Vespas, this is their first gyro scooter.

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Built on a platform from a robotics firm called NineBot, Zero Scooter can be had as a complete set-up which is Vespa-based or a conversion kit that gives you the base kit (the moving bits) and you customise it yourself with whatever scooter takes your fancy.


It’s not cheap at nearly 6,000 Euros but we reckon there’ll be quite a few rocking around Italy soon… you like this sort of thing? If you get one then give us a shout because we’d love a go.

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Here’s the spec:


Weight: 25kg
Reduced: 60cm wide
Custom: Infinite colors
Fast charging: 3-4 hours
Bluetooth App for: Apple & Android
Ecological: CO2-Free
Warranty: 2 years
Maximum load: 100kg
Maximum speed: 20kmh
Maximum inclination: 20°
Mileage: 25km-30km
Battery: 55V / 450Wh
Engine power: 1350W

Price Zero Scooter: 5.950€

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