Women with dark bob, wearing a 60s style print dress, posing on yellow lambretta scooter.

This 60s themed photography shows off an immaculate 1969 Lambretta GP

Phil Kellow shares his 60s themed photography to Instagram and this time it’s all about his latest shoot with an Italian Lambretta GP.

Brisbane based photographer, Phil Kellow, photographed Betty Butcher alongside an Italian Lambretta GP Scooter. Designed by the automotive design guru Nuccio Bertone, this particular immaculate 1969 version is owned by David Dixon.

Photo retrieved from Instagram. Username: @phil_kellow_ccc

The Lambretta GP was the final model released by Italian manufacturer, Innocenti, when their Milan factory closed in 1971. The tooling and building rights were sold to the Indian Government, who continued to sell the model until 1994.

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Lambretta scooters were named after the ‘Lambrate’ suburb of Milan, where Ferdinando Inoocenti opened his factory and began production in 1947. After many changes, the final model was sold in 1972.

Phil Kellow has been interested in scooters since the 80s, and although he hasn’t owned a scooter for around 5 years now, he still attends the Australian rallies and knows most of the Aussie scooterists.

Throughout the 90s he was a member of the Modrapheniacs, before moving to Australia in 1998, where he spent a short time as the Lambretta Club of Australia president – unfortunately having to give it up due to work.

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Although Phil still loves the scooter scene, his interests also lie with classic cars and he owns and drives a 1956 Desoto Diplomat.

Having wanted to do a photoshoot with scooters for a long time, he posted to an Australian scooter Facebook page, looking for a scooter to model. He stated: “It was a real honour and a trip back to my roots to be able to photograph this immaculate example.”

He’s hoping and looking forward to doing more shoots like this one in the future – and is currently working on the idea of ‘Audrey Hepburn’ style shoot with an S2 Lambretta or a Vespa Rod model.

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Head to our Instagram for more Scootering photos (@scooteringmag), or you can find more of Phil’s photography on his website – Phil Kellow – and his Instagram account @phil_kellow_ccc.

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