The REAL man who started the Lambretta revolution!

History dictates how a story unfolds and over time becomes accepted as the truth, but what if there is new evidence to prove otherwise? It has been widely accepted that James and Peter Agg were the instigators of the Lambretta revolution in the UK, and it is common knowledge that it was them who built the empire up through Lambretta Concessionaires. But… not much is known about the early days of the company, and the true story of how it really all started. However, all that changed when new documents were put forward to clarify the true story, along with a full and detailed explanation of how it all began.

It was a bold claim, one which could potentially rewrite history, and it all centered around a man who’s Grandson, Peter, made exclusive contact with Scootering Magazine about the story, to tell the facts of what really happened all those years ago. This contact started an 18-month journey to uncover previously unseen documents and other new insights which reveal the truth, allowing the original man behind it all, to finally be fully recognised for his role all these years later. His story is finally to be told in full, in the November edition of Scootering Magazine, out on newsstands Thursday 22nd October. Alternatively, order your copy online:

Just a motorcycle shop to some… but in reality, this is where the UK Lambretta story first started!
The grainy image of a man on a scooter, that person being someone who all Lambretta owners owe a debt of gratitude to.
As Lambretta Concessionaires grew, so did the management troubles… but where would it all end? Find out in the November 2020 edition of Scootering, out on newsstands Thursday 22nd October. Alternatively, order your copy online:


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