Tested: Bull It SR6 Vintage Jeans

If you only glance at the first few lines of a review, then I’d like to start by saying if you read anything negative about Bull-It jeans from the last pair I wore, then let me tell you that they’ve listened to criticism and the results are certainly positive.

Constructed from 12.5oz denim and triple stitched, Bull-It jeans use their British designed lining branded Covec, which is in principal along the lines of Kevlar and other lesser known brands of para-aramid materials in that it is a technical textile made from synthetic and natural fibres to offer strength and density, but is different to aramids and of course they consider it superior. The jeans here they claim have survived six seconds of abrasion testing, which in anyone’s book is a long way to slide on your arse. By the way,  the SR stands for Slide Rating, the number the time lasted in the CE-13595-2 test – six seconds.

Available in both ladies and gents cuts, with a few style options too (my ‘Vintage’ pair are some of the most stylish riding jeans I’ve seen), I really like the number of inside leg options available, four in total, and if you’re worried about your waist the men’s range from 28in to a whopping 54in!

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Bull-It jeans also feature genuine YKK zips, five pockets, a micro climate inside (1mm of airflow using Covec structure and cool mesh liner, they say keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool in the summer), Covec thermal barrier inside to prevent heat transfer from road friction, a 60% internal cover of Covec impact abrasion prevention layer, a water repellant finish and both knee and hip armour pockets for optional CE 1621 approved protectors.

Firstly then, while two years ago their sizing was all over the place, these latest Bull-It jeans are spot on, feeling almost made to measure all round, and very comfortable indeed. They also weigh less than the previous jeans – still more than your regular fashion items, but not so much now.

The Covec memory armour is very comfortable and unobtrusive too, fitting in all the right places when sat on the scooter, while the water repellent coating seems to work in showers, but I wasn’t brave enough to ride though a thunder storm without stopping to put my waterproofs on – not with 170 miles still to go home!

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The only criticism I could possibly level is more due to the great British weather we’ve been having whereby if you reach your destination in the midday sun, you’ll be wanting to change into shorts sooner than later! That said, arrive early evening and it’s easy to forget you’re wearing protective jeans complete with body armour. A compliment indeed I reckon.

The SR6 retail at a reasonable £129.99 and for more info and dealers visit www.bull-it.com

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