Tested: Bags Connection waterproof line


German motorcycle luggage specialist Bags Connection updated its Waterproof Line in 2013 with a new range of bags. We have the 35 litre kit bag for testing, its first outing being an 800 mile round trip to Kelso on the back of my Series 1 Lambretta.

Constructed from durable and 100% waterproof welded tarpaulin, it features a roll and clip closure which allows easy access to the main compartment, while helping to seal out the elements.


Each bag features a universal four-point strapping system and D-rings are also included, for use with additional straps, if needed. This was perfect for my back rack, and though I added my own extra straps far ‘belts and braces’, I really was impressed. Both quick and easy, which I like. My riding companions commented on how good the reflective strips on the bag were too, subtle during the day, but bright enough at night.

I am also happy to report that everything remained secure and dry throughout this trip, and indeed numerous other scooter rallies throughout 2014.

However, I did have a problem when carrying the bag via its shoulder strap —the D-rings tore away from the bag. UK distributor of Bags Connection, Motohaus, was quick to replace the item under warranty and I can report that everything has been as good as gold since. So, here’s to the 2015 scooter rally season, and another year of dry pants!


Time on test: 10 months
RRP: £57.94
Contact: 01256 704909

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