TESTED: Alpinestars Quick Seal Out Waterproofs

While our summer has been generally good here in the UK, when it’s rained… boy, has it rained!! Nevertheless, strange as it may seem this is an ideal opportunity for me to venture out on the scooter and put various products to the test, to see how long I can stay dry for!
Llandudno was the first time these Quick Seal Out waterproofs from Italian company Alpinestars saw monsoon action, at a petrol station on the way home to be precise after my other clothing had survived the best part of eight hours of constant downpour. With three hours still ahead of me, my first observation was that the wide flared bottoms of the trousers made them very easy to get on over other clothes and boots, Velcro securing the excess successfully afterwards. The waist is nice and high too, helping keep your midrift dry. The coat too was easy to get on, even in wind, both have elasticated parts to make good fitment once on. The jacket has a zip and overlap to keep the rain out, as well las a high collar, and the cuffs work very well with bulky gloves. There are also some anti-flap adjustments.
The next part of the test was the final three hours home, and I arrived dry and warm. As a result, these Alpinestars waterproofs are now often found strapped to my luggage rack to and from rallies. Packed up they will fit into a Vespa PX legshield glovebox but don’t leave room for much else if squeezed in to a Lambretta one. The added bonus of the yellow ones (which I have) is that they are so bright that everyone within a 300 yards radius can see you glowing too (!), as well of course as having reflective strips.
So, four months in and all is good. 
And warm and dry too!
With a RRP of £89.99 for the pair (including storage pouch) you could argue that the Quick Seal Out Combo is a similar price to a cheap armoured waterproof jacket, which I agree. However having waterproofs that you can remove when the rain stops and still be able to ride in a dry jacket is very comfortable, and if you’re camping they reduce the amount of wet clothing in your tent too. This is very recommended kit.
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