Suzuki publishes patent for real, hydrogen-powered super Burgman!


Suzuki has now published patents that it has filed for its first road-legal hydrogen-powered fuel-cell super scooter.

This is a significant move from the Japanese factory which has been working on the technology for a few years now and has already shown its hydrogen-powered motorcycle concept to the world. Development for the super scoot, which looks like a Burgman, hasn’t really been much of a secret with a lot of actual design and application coming from UK based firms.

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But what is significant is that this patent is now registered and filed with the US market. The patent was applied for last August but published as a patent on February 25 – this now ring-fences this design for Suzuki. Expect more patents to be filed for this fuel cell tech in road legal motorcycles in the near future too.

America is an eager-adopter of this sort of tech, Toyota has seen sales of its own hybrids rocket in the USA so it’s a sound game plan to launch this (although not a hybrid, a purely hydrogen-powered bike) as a first fuel-cell super scoot in America to gauge reaction and customer take-up on the idea.

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