SIP Classic Vespa Glovebox Bag

What they say

“This bag allows rapid access to essential items such as your motorway toll documentation, road maps, mobile phone, camera, etc. without having to frantically search through your whole luggage and jacket pockets every time one of these things is necessary!”


What Stan says

I’ll admit to dismissing these bags as a novelty, right up to borrowing Dan’s project PX for the trip to Vespa World Days. Maps, tickets, hotel bookings, snacks and a bottle of water all fell easily to hand without faffing around in a rucksack. I’d draw short at carrying a passport in there but the Velcro straps make it easy enough to remove if valuables are kept inside. The bag fits all PX/GTS style toolboxes and its waterproof too.

In a sentence


You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it

The knowledge

RRP £27.11 –


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