TESTED: Shad SH40 Topbox with rack

While modern day scooters often come with a useable storage capacity under their seats, older scooters tend to have far less. 
For this reason I’ve had topboxes for my Vespa PX for many years now, and the latest one 
I’ve tried is this rather conveniently large 40 litre capacity offering from Spanish luggage experts, Shad.
All Shad top boxes include a fitting plate, which allows you to mount the box onto an existing carrier/rack, as I’ve done with my PX. It’s easy to install and once done the case then locks on to the plate via the same key that also operates the lid too. It’s simple to operate, which is what you need when carrying helmets etc, so that you can either unlock the top box lid and remove the contents at your destination, or unlock the box from the mounting plate and carry the whole thing wherever it is you’re going. Neat!
The 40 litre capacity means you’ve got at least enough for a XL sized full-face helmet here, plus other stuff too. Shad claim this also translates to two helmets; a normal full face plus an open face lid. Aside from this and designed load wait being a maximum of 3kg, I suppose all there is left to say is that the dimensions are 49.2 x 32.5 x 42.5cm and the topbox not only keeps your possessions secure but also dry. A very useful bit of kit indeed, and as with other Shad products well made too.
£105.12 is the RRP for the basic SH40 box, £123.16 RRP for one with top rack (as I’ve got here, handy for strapping 
on extra luggage), and optional extras include colour coded replacement top panels, a pillion backrest, and for the mounting plate itself a high level brake light. If 40 litres sounds too big, then the (vast) Shad range starts with a 26 litre 
box for just £54.26.
For details and dealers; www.shad.co.uk

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