Scooters and Oil – a Q&A with Silkolene…

It’s one of those topics which ends in some of the most heated debates…oil!

2-stroke enthusiasts have raged about this for as long as I can remember… Which oil do you use? What percent do you run it at? What does a JASO rating mean? But my mate said he runs his scooter on chip fat and lawnmower oil, is that OK? Can I mix Castor and Synthetic? If I change from 2% to 4% will I get more power? What are all these additives in oil for? The list goes on, and the responses are endless…and quite heated!


So we sent Big Stan to Silkolene HQ to find out whats going into these oils, how/why they mix them the way they do, what are the suitable applications, and of course…to ask those probing questions.

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