Scootering summertime reads

Scootering magazine’s publisher Mortons Media Group has launched its latest book catalogue – brimming with fantastic new titles to explore.

If you’re looking for a window back into happier times on two wheels, then look no further than Mortons Books, a division of MMG, for plenty of reading matter to while away the hours, including Scooter Boys – celebrating 30 years of Gareth Brown’s homage to the two-wheeled, two-stroke way of life.

Gareth’s new book, Mods & Rockers, will now be on sale in the spring of 2021. It will cover the genesis of both movements right from their conception to the cell splitting that ultimately separated them. It also closely studies their development and most importantly highlights their impact on popular culture today.


Scootering writer Stuart Owen is currently hard at work on The Evolution of the Custom Scooter and an updated book version of his classic Lambretta & Vespa Street Racers bookazine. Both will feature detailed histories of the incredible Italian machines that we know and love today.

Dozens of other forthcoming titles available for pre-order can be found in the brand new Mortons Books 2020 catalogue.

Scooter Boys is OUT NOW. Order your copy today and check out other titles from


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