Scootering classics: Turn Back Time

Can’t afford that exclusive vintage machine you always wanted?  No worries, just create your own…

Simone Stangalino (Garzone) and Gennaro Santaniello (Mastro Genna) of Vintage Scooter Garage in Pavia, Italy, run a simple garage where monsters are created.

Their latest project, the Mini Farobasso, was born in 2016 from an unhealthy idea by Mastro Genna and Garzone. Specifically, the two decided to drastically change the frame and structure of a 125 Et3 Primavera, to give it the appearance of a Faro Basso. The first work focused on the legshield and the floor, as it was damaged by wear and by time, replacing the shield logo instead of the hexagonal Et3. At the same time the pressed frame side panels were altered, and space made to accommodate the more voluptuous clip-on side panels required. Because of the size of the exhaust and new dimensions of the left side, they were forced to reduce the load space of the inner panel storage. Their attention then moved to the top of the tail end, to eliminate the typical shape of the post ’57 models and therefore to round off the line. The tank was then modified, as it needed to be lowered to conform to the new line of the Vespa. Finally, the engine block of the Et3 was brought up to 130cc and 12V ignition fitted, along with a chrome-plated 90SS type exhaust.

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Name: Garzone and Mastro Genna
Scooter club & town: Vespa Club Pavia (Italy).
First interest in scooters: When I was 14, and I asked my parents to buy my first scooter. I wanted an old Vespa, but they said it was not safe, and bought me one of those ‘new’ scooters. Only after I started working could I buy my first old Vespa.
Favourite scooter model: I am a collector of old Vespas and Lambrettas, I cannot determine which is my favourite scooter… in the end they are all my little girls!
Favourite style of custom scooter: I think that what comes closest to me is that of a fine and essential custom, with soft and sinuous shapes that hack back to the most ancient Vespas. I love curvy style, like in women.

Favourite rally: My favourite gatherings for sure are: Isle of Wight, where I’ve been twice, and the gathering of SIR on the Island of Elba (but they do not organise that anymore).
Funniest experience with a scooter: When my friends and I were on a ride in the hills. At one point a car wanted to overtake us on the narrow streets of the hill. Failing to pass, the driver got nervous and began to sound the horn, and to make dangerous moves with the car, risking us all! At that point, after a friend of ours was almost knocked off her totally preserved Vespa, I did not see her in anger: we let the car past, and then I started to chase him at full speed with my Vespa 180 Rally, punching and kicking the car on the run… everything will have lasted about 5km of curves in the hills, then in a straight he managed to escape permanently.
Furthest you’ve ever ridden on a scooter: Isle of Wight, or the 1000km Vespa race, which I participated in for four years, and I’m waiting for the fifth edition of 2019! I have also made several long trips, like a tour of the Mediterranean islands, and a tour of Italy from north to south… etc.

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Name of scooter: Mini Farobasso (the involution)
Scooter model: From Et3 Primavera to a unique model.
Date purchased & cost: Cost to buy chassis and engine: €300, and cost of all parts and parts to finish assembling the Vespa Mini Farobasso, incalculable (maybe €4000?)!
Engine spec: Polini 130 kit, Carb: 19.19, Porting work by: Mastro Genna.
Thanks to: My partner in custom projects Mastro Genna, and my girlfriend Dominika for her strong support!


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