Scootering classics – Southsiders SC (Australia)

This month our Club Focus feature takes an international twist,  and skips out to Oz to meet a good bunch of blokes from  UK scooter clubs, now formed as the Southsiders SC…

Southhsiders SC (Australia) was formed as recently as 2015 by a group of mates, solo riders, outcasts, pommies and general riff raff… most of whom are the now ex-members of some very well-known UK clubs. The Southsiders SC now stands at 13 members (and growing) and thankfully there are no bigtime Charlies (Oz lingo for idiot) and we are all good mates. Between us we own the following scooters: 13 Lambrettas, nine Vespas and a few other makes. No Scomadis as yet but I’m pretty sure there will be some in the not too distant future…

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As ever, we are all busy with work and family life but we try to have a ride out at least once a month and also have an ‘overnighter’ as often as possible. We also support both the National Classic Scooter Rally and the National (autos allowed) Scooter Rally scene. Earlier this year we rode to Renmark in South Australia’s Riverland (a round trip of more than 600km) for the two-day National Scooter Rally. It’s something we always look forward to as a club, and this year was no exception. By the time you are reading this we will also have held our first, of what we hope to be annual, party/rally in conjunction with our friends Melbourne Crusaders SC. This year’s rally (Run For The Hills 2016) is being held over two nights in November, at Halls Gap in the Victorian Grampians.

So, that’s the Southsiders SC – Adelaide… it’s a newer club than most, but a great one, and we are a solid bunch. Essentially we are just a good bunch of mates who not only ride together but socialize together on a regular basis and we all have the same illness: a love of those bloody things called scooters?

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Anyone on holiday in South Australia and wants to catch up with us can contact me by email [email protected]

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Paul Stafford


  • A big thank you to Laingy’s better half Karyn Kent for the photography.

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So… let’s meet the team. Oldest (but not necessarily most mature) first.

1:         Gerry ‘The Piper’ Ferguson, 56, owns Vespa PX200 and 150 super. Ex-Animals fae Naboombu SC… one day we will get an interpreter.

2:         Paul ‘Peter Pan’ Stafford, 56, owns a Lambretta LI 150 (200) and Vespa PX 200. Ex-Stafford Boro Upsetters SC and probably the best-looking member of the club.

3:         Stuart ‘Nice Tackle’ Walsh, 54, owns a Vespa PX200 and GTS 300. Ex-Stockport Crusaders SC… and all round nice guy.

4:         Mark ‘Gooner Sarge’ Sargeant, 52, owns a Vespa PX200. A famous face on the Adelaide United terraces and 40+ year Aussie resident.

5:         Martin ‘El Presidente’ Lindley, 50, owns a Lambretta TV175 and GP RT195, ex-Sheffield Northern Line SC. The backbone of the club who goes above and beyond.

6:         Lee ‘Shabba’ Smith, 50, owns a Lambretta Li150 and API175. Another ex-Stockport Crusaders SC and DJ at our monthly ska/Mod/soul night

7:         John ‘Tent Poles’ Hodkin, 49, owns a Lambretta Li186, GP 200 and Vespa PX200, ex-Trojan Horses SC. Not a ‘van Mod’ at all.

8:         Steve ‘The Quiet One’ Lewis, 49, owns a Lambretta GP150 and long suffering husband of Laura who rides one of those Vespa twistie things.

9:         Mark ‘Laingy’ Laing, 48, owns two Vespa PX200s and is an ex-Alcoholic Rats SC, Brisbane. Larger than life character, ex-Ayr Mod, 30 years in Oz.

10:       Mikey ‘Barn Find’ Erdelyi, 47, owns two Vespa SS180, a Douglas Rod model, and three Iso Milanos. Probably half the scooters in the club have passed through Mikey’s hands at some point.

11:       Simon ‘Pearly’ King, 46, owns a Vespa PX200 and is a typical cockney wide boy with a sense of humour to suit. Can’t dance though.

12:       Paul ‘I’m In The Pub’ Davison, 45, owns a Lambretta series 2 (and half a GP). Ex-Aylesbury SC. A top geezer.

13:       Darren ‘Rock Star’ Allison at 43 he is the baby oi the club, and owns a Lambretta TV175 and TV200. Lead singer with the famous Adelaide band The Mod Cons’ (taking bookings now, very reasonable rates).

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