Scootering classics: SIP Scooter

Scootering scoops ‘SIP Project’ scrambler with Butcher Garage!

Scootering went over to Butcher Garage in St Petersburg, Russia to meet up with the lads. It’s a powerhouse of invention and attention to detail, as well as being a brilliant place with characters to match. This superb Vespa Scrambler is a collaboration between Butcher and SIP, and suffice to say… it’s an awesome piece of engineering, using top quality components, executed in a stunning paint finish.

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Photographs by: Roman Sokolov, Mitya Ganopolsky Studio, and Rik


  • Crankcase: Pinasco ‘Slave’ version powered by Butcher Garage
  • Racing cylinder: Parmakit TSV 177
  • Flowed racing crankshaft: Serie Pro by Worb5
  • Carburettor: Keihin PWK 35mm
  • Reed valve block: Tassinari V-force 4
  • Racing air filter: Ramair
  • Ignition: Malossi VesPower MKII
  • Input shaft: DRT for SIP Spitfire Road 12-13-17-20
  • Driveshaft: Piaggio/DRT ‘PX Lusso’ 57-42-38-35
  • Primary driven gear: DRT 68 teeth
  • Clutch: SIP ‘Cosa 2’ Sport 22
  • Pressure plate clutch: SIP
  • Clutch cover: Piaggio by MMW
  • Selector box: ‘PX Lusso’
  • Engine mounting bush: Plc Corse
  • Racing exhaust: SIP Performance

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