Scootering classics: Kickstart test

With the variety of events on the scootering calendar these days I’ve been searching for replacement riding gear which is versatile, to help cope with the varying conditions in which I ride. The EuroLambretta alone incorporated every imaginable weather condition, from 40-degree heat in Milan to drowning rains in the Swiss Alps — so asking for something to cope with these extremes is quite the task! Using those conditions as the brief my research took me to Dutch motorcycle apparel brand Rev ‘it and their own impressive range…


The Factor 3 trousers also use a removable Hydratex Membrane, which is a must for hotter days. The hip and knee protectors are ventilated, allowing air to pass through when on the go. Another feature is the YKK side lock front closure; a slider you hook onto a popper, acting as the front button. Which means your trousers won’t pop open! These trousers are simple and effective, made from robust materials, to a high quality. I’m confident these will last the test of time.

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RRP £449.99

My initial research attracted me to the ‘Sand 3’ jacket and its impressive technical specification. Using Rev’It’s Hydratex membrane insert it is designed to be 100% waterproof, but it’s a versatile jacket with plenty of ventilation too. That said, the stereotypical adventure bike look left me questioning whether it would clash with the style of a Lambretta. Cue the ‘Sand Urban’; this is effectively the same jacket using an outer shell constructed from Polycotton that alludes to the classic wax cotton look. I’ve had several classic style jackets in the past that use the normal textile materials and these just never look quite right. This, however pulls off the look superbly and the additional Lorica cuffs and collar scream quality!

Described as a ‘Swiss army knife’, the jacket certainly lives up to this reputation! The Hydratex membrane adds an additional waterproof layer while doubling up as a thermal layer too. So far this system has performed superbly, keeping me toasty and dry when others around are damp and cold. A benefit of this membrane is that on hot days it can be removed allowing considerable ventilation. If further airflow is required, there are large zips that run the length of the jacket, dramatically increasing the cooling capacity.

These well-executed ideas are combined with excellent ergonomic features meaning that this jacket is a pleasure to wear at all times. The jacket is also prepped for Rev’It’s Challenger cooling vest, a liquid vest that cools your body for up to six hours. Maybe not necessary in the UK, it’s comforting to know that the option is there for future European adventures.

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RRP £179.99

In my opinion, boots are something that are particularly hard to get right on a scooter. The Mohawk boots are classy, so classy in fact I’m taking them with me on a Polish winter holiday… In this case, their military style complements the jacket nicely and are a nice nod to the ever-popular docs while offering more protection and functionality.

The increased protection comes in the shape of several simple but comforting features. There’s a reinforced ankle cup, in addition to this, the heel and toe areas are also reinforced giving good all round protection. In an attempted to keep the wind and rain out the tongue is ‘gusseted’ and does make a noticeable difference. What you gain in style by using a more traditional boot that incorporates laces, you lose on quick fitting and the ease that a zip up boot brings. I would advise that it would be best practice to try these on before buying, or possibly go up by half a size if your normal shoe size is quite snug. The reinforced heel isn’t very forgiving and it left two large blisters until I went up half a size!

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