Scooter Restorations: New products, new number

Scooter Restorations has been busy getting some parts exclusively remade, the first of which is an extra large lower fork link buffer as originally fitted to the Lambretta Series 3 TV175, TV200 and SX200 models fitted with a disc brake. The height of these buffers is 25mm, where as the standard lower buffer is 20mm in height. You’ll need two for your scooter and the RRP is all of £3 each.

Scooter Restorations has also had a set of gear/clutch trunnions made in brass, suitable for most models of Lambretta. The set consists of one long and one short gear trunnion, and one short clutch trunnion and these are made from brass as per the Innocenti originals with a little disc inside to protect the inner cable from fraying. Supplied complete with a 3.5mm Allen key, the RRP is just £4.50 a set.

Finally, regular customers of the shop will know it moved address a couple of years ago, across town to Arnold in Nottingham. Now, due to problems with different exchanges handling its calls, it’s stopped using the old phone number too. The new number you need to jot down in your phone book or store in your smartphone is 0115 967 1405. Or of course you can still access the shop online via


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