Scooter find of the Century!

We have all dreamed of stumbling across a forgotten stockpile of scooters, a dealer’s cache frozen in time. Go back twenty years and such discoveries were made every few months but most people agreed long ago that the chances of uncovering such a gem were slim to none. That was until now. Here at Scootering, we are preparing to feature the find of the century. The collection, a selection of parts, tools, and machines, the size of which is unparalleled in recent times, has been uncovered by one of the best-known names in the business. Yes, there are rare spares. Yes, there are SX’s. Yes, there’s a GS, Yes, there are SS180’s and yes there are TV’s galore! Check it out in our teaser video and stay tuned for the full story in Scootering Magazine…

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Scooter Trader