Recommended Reading: The Lambretta Factory in Spain

Good quality scooter books are rare these days, but thankfully The Lambretta Factory In Spain has just arrived, reminding us what a good job can be done by those with a serious passion for the subject matter.
I first leaened of this project last year from Lambretta Club d’Espana’s Felix who explained how the club had managed to acquire a collection of old photographs commissioned back in the day by Lambretta Locomociones of their plant in Eibar, Spain. Discussing the quandy of what to do with such valuable assets they had just purchased, the club soon realised to best way to share them with the scootering world was by way of a book, which in turn snowballed from a coffee table photo book to a 236 page tome dedicated to the Spanish built Lambretta scooters, with reference to the Lambretta motorbikes and mopeds too.
Yes folks, this book not only has around 100 pages of mostly unseen before photographs of the Spanish Lambretta factory and a few other snaps of shows and displays etc, but it also looks at the history of the company who continued into the 80s and also boasted a relationship with Honda of Japan as well as Innocenti of Italy.
Complimenting all of this are an anbundance of sales leafelts and literature, reproduced in full colur that trace the Spanish Lambretta brand’s timeline from the first D and LD models of the 1950s , the three-wheelers, rare Winter Model, the supply to post office and police forces around the world, until the 80s and the final Lambretta, the prototype Amiga scooter.
Add to this the history of the companies behind the Lambrettas, their other interests, successes and failings, and this is in my opinion one of the best scooter books to hit the shelves for a number of years now.
And just when you think it’s all over, inside the back cover is a flap containing a copy of a Lambretta Locomociones SA Share certificate and some factory floor plans too. It’s the little touches like this that go part of the way to showing the amount of dedication that has gone into producing this book.
Just 1500 copies of The Lambretta Factory In Spain have been printed, it’s written in four languages (Castilian, English Italian and Basque) and I thoroughly recommend it for any Lambretta fans out there, whether complete addict or those with just a passing interest in classic motor scooters. It’s a fascinating publication, with regard to both the story and the amazing images that have thankfully been shown in their full glory at a good size in a well-presented classy looking package. In fact, make sure any guests who visit wear protective white cotton gloves so as not to leave oily fingerprints on the lush satin black embossed cover!

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