Quattrini M232 Vespa kit


Quattrini’s latest kit for the Vespa 200 engine goes by the snazzy name of M232 and is Nikasil-lined alloy lump for PX200 and Rally casings.
The kit runs a huge 72mm diameter piston and makes flexible torque rather than top-end power. The M232 works with the standard 24mm carb while still running a 57mm stroke. You do need a special crank though because otherwise that enormous piston would leave a spigot so thin it’ll make an After-Eight mint look porky.
Quattrini’s bespoke rotary-induction crankshaft has a 126mm long con rod and no spigot. The cylinder has small bore holes for the cylinder studs instead which match the barrel to the crankcase.
Available from DuePercento.com for €540, the crank (98-57) adds another €330.



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