August 2022

Simply put, Scootering is the number one scooter magazine in the world featuring stunning restorations and customisations, news, reviews, technical advice and an unrivalled insight into the scooter scene. Here’s what to expect this month…

This month, Tom Shaw, our tame scooter racer, explains why braking while cornering isn’t always a bad idea; and we’ve got a bumper selection of rally reports. Were you kicking back in Kent? We certainly were, have a look and see if you made it into print.

TV200, Then and Now

In our ongoing Lexicon of Scooters series this month we profile the TV200. Stu Owen explains how it came to be and we track down two TVs with impeccable pedigree. How does this trailblazing scooter fare today?

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Dimana Bensin?

The world is finally opening up and if you’re planning a celebratory trip to Bali we’ve got the do’s and don’ts of riding there. Just don’t expect a scooter club to look anything like it does in Europe…

A Shop Like No Other

If you think all scooter shops are the same, think again. At Scooterista in Birmingham you can buy anything from a ball bearing to a burrito. We guarantee you’ve seen nothing like this before.

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