Polini Evolution 2 Vespa Kit


Polini’s new Evolution 2 kit is designed for “racing on track for the Vespa Class 135cc category”. The kit has a cast aluminium barrel with 58mm bore, six transfer ports and ‘Nickel-Siliceous’ coating. The piston is gravity cast with two chrome rings and the kit, with rotary valve induction can be fitted to all 125cc Vespas with a stock-dimension crankshaft. Also available is a Polini balanced crankshaft, with con-rod milled from solid, that retains the original 51mm stroke.
Polini say that the new cylinder works both in the original position and in the ‘turned’ position favoured by racers. The engine has more power at every rpm.”

Guide price is €388 + VAT. www.polini.com


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