Polini Energy Maxi mufflers

006_Polini_YMAHA_TMAX 2 RGB

Polini Motori has enlarged its range with a line of mufflers for 20 different models of maxi scooter, all made in Italy. The Polini mufflers are homologated and boast increased power over a standard item. They have a sound that is described as “energetic, but padded thanks to the tested deadening material”.
The exhausts are either made of stainless steel or of black anodized light alloy, according to the scooter model, and they are sold together with the stainless steel racing pipe (except for the X Max 400). Models include the Vespa GTS 250 and 300, with prices of a T-Max 530 muffler being around €598 + VAT with other stainless mufflers priced around €349 + VAT. www.polini.com

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