March 2023 issue

Simply put, Scootering is the number one scooter magazine in the world featuring stunning restorations and customisations, news, reviews, technical advice and an unrivalled insight into the scooter scene. Here’s what to expect this month…

In the March issue…

Lexicon of Scooters #15

This month we turn our attention to the underrated but innovative Durkopp Diana.

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A quick one with Smoove

Sarge catches up with the northern funksters ahead of their appearance at Scarborough’s National.

Budget Scootering

Love them or hate them, there’s no disputing the Modena’s budget credentials. But what’s it like to live with one?

This month in the garage

Dan explains why timing is everything and uncovers a masterpiece from the past.

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From a Cub to a Lyon

Stu Owen chronicles the life of legendary Mancunian racer Chris Forster.

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