LML 2-strokes……one last run!

It’s no secret about the demise of LML 2-strokes, the factory had informed distributors about the decision to cease production for the European market, due to the impending Euro 4 legislation (which will make it impossible for a 2T to obtain type approval for the European market mainly due to the emissions) and they indicated production at the factory was over.

Once word was out demand outstripped supply considerably and a good number of traditional metal bodied fans were left disappointed. However, due to the response from devotees to the old 2-stroke smoker who made the pilgrimage to dealers to find a 2-stroke LML before their demise, LML are now doing one last run. This ‘Last Run’ is a result of MotoGB and a couple of other European Distributors having a discussion and approaching the manufacturer to see if they would put the line back on one last time in view of the response from the enthusiasts. Nostalgia is a powerful sales tool that you can’t manufacture, that is unless you can of course get LML to put the 2-stroke back into production one last time!

These ‘Last Run’ scooter will be available in just 4 colours:


Milano Red (post box red)

Jet Black

Deep Blue



They will sport a special horncast hexagonal badge and come with an exclusive enamel pin badge, only available to buyers of an LML ‘Last Run’ 2T 125. There will be a small range of items carrying the logo of the ‘Last Run’ such as mugs, polo shirts, retro sports bags to compliment the purchase of one of these last iconic 2-stroke metal bodied machines and these will be available from moto-passion.co.uk and other authorised LML dealers.

For more info contact : Brian Harris – MotoGB


Tel: 0844 412 8450 (Sales)

LML flyer


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