January 2024

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Here’s what to expect this month…

Racing to victory

Elizabeth Smolen escaped Soviet captivity to become an accomplished scooter racer and run her own Vespa dealership in Birkenhead. In January’s issue of Scootering, Stu Owen tells her fascinating story and introduces an exhibition that celebrates her life.

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Lexicon of scooters #25

This month we take an in-depth look at one of the 1980s’ most iconic dealer specials, the Armando’s PX.

Never say die

A stunning YPVS powered LD conversion that makes the old shafter fit for the 21st century.

When two worlds collide

We’ll put our necks on the block and say that 24 Hour Party People may just be the neatest Lambretta auto conversion we’ve ever seen.

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Scooter Trader

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