Issue #384 – June 2018

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Kickstart – The upfront section with all the latest news, views and product reviews!

Stellify & F.E.A.R. – Not the first time we have seen a Stone Roses based custom scooter, but this is probably one of the best. A stunning job..

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Show Report: GCC Custom Show – The GCC Custom show is now in its fourth year and it’s attracting a great amount of interest. It’s easy to see why…

True Blue – Ramie Stewart ‘peacock struts’ this beautiful pair of Vespas – an SS90 and an SS180 – in all their glory.

Test Ride: Scomadi Update – Team SC ventures out to see Frank Sanderson at Scomadi HQ and find out the latest news, developments and updates on the Scomadi range.

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Mailbox – Readers’ letters, laughs, feedback and fury – get it off your chest man!

Show Us Your Scoots – The best of our readers’ rides as sent in by you.

Dealer Profile: JB Tuning Classic Scooter Shop – So much more than just fast. Stan finds out what’s behind the moniker update over at JB.

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Toxic 7 by Gatch – The latest radical, diverse, and possibly a new sub-culture to the scootering scene?

Fat Boy 3 – How will team Fat Boy 3 fare when they try their hand at off-road enduro racing… on a Vega? Sarge finds out.

One Owner Hall of Fame – After a previous article about ‘one owner’ scooters we were inundated with similar stories, which spurred us on to put the best of the best together in a hall of fame.

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Supersonic – Legendary lensman Richie Lunt shoots this supercool TV175 S2 custom scooter belonging to Jamie Byrne and tells us the story behind man and machine.

Product Review – Bridgestone tyres – It’s dirty job but someone has to do it. Stan reports from Portugal, where Bridgestone unveiled their latest generation of Battlax scooter tyre.

March of the Mods – From an idea back in 2012, the annual March of the Mods has exploded to the National series of events that it is today. Sarge reports.

Club Do’s & Events – Your essential guide to the scene – What, Where & When!

Scootering Words & Sounds – The best of words and music as reviewed by Nik and Sarge.

Undercover Festival – Nik spends the weekend in Margate, at the Undercover punk festival.


Little Bitch – Not all scooters have an adventurous life, fortunately this
‘Little Bitch’ has more than lived up to Piaggio’s expectations.

BSSO Report – All the action from the seasons #1 scooter race meet at Mallory brought to us by Paul Green.

Tech Torque: Essential maintenance with Stu Owen – Engine mounts, those rather innocuous items can make a world of difference to your ride – Stu explains all.

Run, baby, run… – Is owning a second-hand custom scooter a crime? Some people think so, but not us… we just love cool shit. And this scooter is cool, very.

Scooter Trader – Your sales and classifieds section – including Specialist Services and At A Glance.

Dave’s Nostalgic Custom Corner – Nostalgia master Dave Oakley pulls out another stunning blast from the past – this month it’s The Fury.

Reader’s Ride – Our favourite road ridden scooter this month – it’s always something special.

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