Issue #383 – May 2018

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Kickstart – The upfront section with all the latest news, views and product reviews!

Rossa revisited – The epitome of 80s super-cool, the RD350YPVS engine, shoehorned into this craftily engineered Lambretta chassis – Old Blue.

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Show Report: Wet-by – Did we mention it was cold? Whitby kicks off the first National, and despite the inclement weather, it was a great start to the season.

Show Report: VMSC Extravaganza – Stu Smith has a ride out to bring us the latest from the VMSC at their flagship event..

Show Report: Kev Walsh Parts Fair – We meet up with Kev as he battles with the logistics of the weather at Wicksteed.

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Mailbox – Readers’ letters, laughs, feedback and fury – get it off your chest man!

Show us your scoots – The best of our readers’ rides as sent in by you.

Gallardo Vespa – Rik travels to Russia and meets up with our pals at Butcher Garage, to marvel at this wondrous customs clearance creation..

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Test Ride: Scud Missile SSR 265 – We send Captain Slow (Stan) to test ride the new SSR 265 built by JB Tuning.
He’s not a pocket rocket fan by nature, so how will he fare on this veritable missile of a scooter?

Air-Cooled Junkie – That annoying Frog – the ring tone, not Macron – put into paint on this custom Vespa. Not just cool, air-cool.

A Lasting Impression – Having just completed his ‘father ’n’ son’ scooterist trilogy, Stu was delighted to discover this father ’n’ daughter story…

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Precious Metal – There’s a number of ways to clean off years of road grime and thanks to BAW Coatings, Scootering magazine can now offer another – powdered gemstones.

Dealer Focus: Supertune – Supertune is in new hands again, so Stan reports on what’s planned for one of British scootering’s iconic brands…

Reader’s Ride – Stu revisits this classic custom chopper, Dream Warrior, to find out what updates have been carried out since our last look.

Club Do’s & Events – Your essential guide to the scene – What, Where & When!

Scootering Words & Sounds – The best of words and music as reviewed by Nik and Sarge.

Uncontrollable Soul – Love conquers all, or so they say, but especially when it’s accompanied by the gift of a GT200..


Loyal to the Lambretta – One of the scene’s more colourful, and active, characters is the well-known Andy Francis. We catch up with him as he tells his story.

Tech Torque: Essential scooter repairs with Stu Owen – No need to chew up your sprocket components in fitting; Stu explains all.

Subs Club! – Not a subscriber? You’ll wish you were now, with our new club making it just too juicy and fruitful to resist.

A word from the VCB – The history of cogs from the VCB, as part of our new and ongoing Vespa Club updates..

BSSO Pre-season shakedown – Paul Green checks out the pre-season test days, and brings us the team scoops to be expected for the 2018 race season.

Tech Torque: Common mistakes and how to avoid them – Lambretta guru, Stu Owen, shows us some of the more common maintenance mistakes, and tells us how we can avoid them like the plague.

Pole Position – When Mark Mitchell decided to create a tribute to his Formula One hero Gilles Villeneuve there was only one choice of machine, Piaggio’s Vespa T5.

Scooter Trader – Your sales and classifieds section – including Specialist Services and At A Glance.

Dave’s Nostalgic Custom Corner – Nostalgia master Dave Oakley pulls out another stunning blast from the past
– this month it’s Diamond Dogs.

Reader’s Ride – Our favourite road ridden scooter this month – it’s always something special.

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