Improved Vespa Big Bore Pipe


Scooter Center Koln has been busy recently, updating its standard looking big bore exhausts for large frame Vespas.
Building on the success of the Big Box exhaust which was awarded a ‘Scootering Recommended’ tag back in February 2014, the Sport is manufactured in Spain and designed to work on tuned engines with sufficient port timings and port area – engines that are fitted with kits from the likes of Polini, Quattrini, Parmakit, Malossi or BGM.
Two versions of the Sport are available, for either smallblock engines (PX80, 125 and 150, plus older models too like Sprint, GT, GTR), and another for the PX and Rally 200 models. Both retail at €199.
SCK is also working on a Touring version of the exhaust for standard and mildly tuned engines, delivering power and torque lower down. When development has been completed these will be available for the same engine configurations and will also fit Vespas with eight-inch wheels, retailing at €159. For more details visit

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