Ghost Hunter: A spiritual experience

“There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy,” said Hamlet, which sums up this Vespa perfectly.

Scooterists are complex characters. The owner of Ghost Hunter, Martin Reeves, is no exception. “So many things have happened in my life that I can’t believe in anything other than an afterlife,” he explained.

To understand Ghost Hunter it’s necessary to explain what’s meant by spiritualism and to be clear it’s not about zombies. In essence, spiritualists believe that it’s possible to interact with spirits of the dead.

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In their belief system, the realm in which spirits exist, the afterlife isn’t a static place but rather an environment in which the departed continue to evolve. These two pillars of belief lead spiritualists to a conclusion that spirits can provide guidance on moral issues, even giving insights as to the nature of God and the universe.

In creating Ghost Hunter, Martin’s built a scooter that functions on several levels. To the casual passer-by it’s a well-executed piece of fantasy art, nodding towards that most popular of 80s genres.

On closer examination it’s far more complex, with Steve Levitt’s murals achieving a multi-layered effect.

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While the vivid green ‘smoke’ and signwriting instantly grab attention it’s not long before images emerge ethereally from the unbelievably deep burgundy so skilfully applied by Tom Ashley.

In keeping with Martin’s scooterboy roots, the brightwork, which can be so easily overdone, is restrained and confined to the classics of cowl, exhaust and forks.

The engine’s been treated to a 172cc upgrade with porting by Paul Jolliff, Cosa clutch and 28m carb while the Revolver exhaust ensures advance notice is given of his arrival!

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Adding to the experience is the BGM suspension, which Martin thoroughly recommends: “The engine pulls very strongly and the shocks make its handling very responsive. It’s a pleasure to ride.”

Whether believer or sceptic, at some point most of us have escaped misfortune and uttered the words ‘Someone must have been watching over me’ and perhaps they were.

Since primordial times, people have tried to make sense of the world around them and there’s no doubt that Ghost Hunter’s a worthy addition to that tradition.

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