Get XLMOTO’s ultimate travel backpack!

Your daily travel bag is here!

This backpack from Course will become your best travel companion, whether you are heading: for a weekend getaway or an office meeting.

Your search is over, if you’re looking for a functional motorcycle backpack that can fit everything necessary for your daily adventures. We know where to find just the perfect one for you. It’s roomy, stylish and practical. Simple a dream travel companion, available at XLMOTO.

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There’s no bad weather, there are only wrong clothes.

XLMOTO is an online store, that provides motorcycle riders all over Europe with MC gear, clothing, parts and tools. Among many leading MC brands, the store sells a few of its own.

One of them is Course. Under this name, you’ll find high-quality clothing designed to be used in all weather situations. In addition, the brand can boast a line of practical accessories useful for everyday trips. Recently the brand decided to extend its scope and created It.

The Ultimate Backpack

This year’s Course released The Bag – a great looking backpack that can suit your needs and your outfit. It comes in black and is designed to provide the space for everything you might need on the road, wherever it leads.

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It was created with one thing, especially in focus: to provide ultimate versatility. As a result, the backpack is super practical, and its features can help you get anywhere.

Put a filled hydration bag into a dedicated pocket, slide your laptop into a pocket, and grab the camera tripod. Then, pack whatever there is to take and enjoy the ride.

A simple, modern look will easily match any outfit, so if you are heading straight to the office after a weekend getaway, you are set to go. And who cares if it’s gonna rain? The bag was made of a water-repellant material, so you will never worry about your belongings.

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Visit XLMOTO.COM, get your ultimate backpack today and always enjoy your ride!

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