Gamma Technology


If you attended any BSRA national scooter rallies during the last year then there’s a chance you’ll have seen the chaps from Gamma Technology and their stall somewhere.
Based in Stoke, Gamma Technology has an expanding product range of digital instruments that are designed to measure various aspects of your scooter’s engine, thus offering information useful for its longevity.
With a scooterist on the team and a number of local riders testing the products throughout the year, the range is varied and prices range from £93 (plus p&p) for the original RT1000 instrument which measures cylinder head temperature and RPM, to £278 for the RTSE 1200 which can measure the revs, exhaust and engine temperatures and speed on twin cylinder engines. We’ve also fitted one to a scooter and will report back on it shortly, but if you can’t wait until then visit for more information.

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