Euro Lambretta 2017 – Venue fears allayed by Lambretta Club Italy

Recent news of problems at the Adria Raceway caused concern and confusion as to whether this would affect the Euro Lambretta event due to be hosted  there in 2017. Thankfully the Lambretta Club Italy have stepped in now to make a formal press release on the matter and have announced the venue will proceed as planned: 


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We enclose a press release from the Presidency of the Lambretta Club of Italy , concerning the organisation of the European Gathering Lambretta Adria – Venetian Coast 2.3 and 4 June 2017 . For more details on this meeting , please contact the person in charge of relations with foreign clubs , Mr Devis Vadori.

Best regards

Roberto Argenti

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Press Officer Lambretta Club of Italy



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In relation to the outputs news in the newspapers these days, we inform you that the race track is in full swing and all scheduled events are confirmed.

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The articles published today in several newspapers reported actually facts divorced from reality and communicated belatedly that do not constitute news.

As the debt position of F & M in fact, it has failed to disclose that the company is regularly paying the amount due for some time, so much so that there were no actions taken against it.

Next, as to the access of the Fire Department we have been given all requirements on time already performed, unless a single prescription that requires more long-term activities in relation to which an extension of six months was granted.

F & M does not intend to be drawn into an unwarranted controversy and mindless only likely to question their activities regularly carried on for over 15 years.

F & M srl

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