Did you see us at the Rally – We probably saw you!

For the past 10 years, Photography UK have made the trip to the Isle of Wight annual Scooter Rally held on the August Bank Holiday weekend. 

Traveling with family from their home town of Lincoln, Photography UK cover the lengthy 150 or so mile journey on the Wednesday before the event, all aboard their caravan; also used for processing photographs. However, primarily, it gets them from A to B.

Smallbrook Stadium is the venue they head for, setting up their trade gazebo to display all the photographs they’ll be taking throughout the weekend. Lucky for Peter – Photography UK’s owner – he has two talented grandsons, Reece and Ben, who take most of the photographs, but not only that, they have three granddaughters, Lucy, Freya and Olivia, that are equally skilled on the computers: a vital part of photography today.

Photography UK cover all arrivals at Smallbrook throughout the weekend and of course the Ride Out from Ryde Bowl to Smallbrook via Sandown. They get some great shots along the seafront at Sandown with the cliffs in the background. 2018 was probably the wettest ride out, followed by what they considered the best in 2019.

If you are going to the Rally in 2020, lookout for their photographers. Usually, they have a sign and wear Hi-Viz of some kind. 

As well as displaying their photographs at the event they also have a dedicated page on their website, including 2019 event pictures, which can be accessed here. Photography UK also have a great back catalogue going back to 2016 on the website too. 

Peter said: “We look forward to meeting Scooterists old and new in 2020, come along and find your tour picture from the event, it is a good opportunity to get a picture of you riding your Scooter in style!”