Bundle deal to save big at XLMOTO!

XLMOTO, one of the largest online motorcycle stores, tempts us with a special bundle deal this month. So if you are thinking of getting yourself a new MC outfit for the upcoming season, you should take a close look at it.

Good motorcycle clothes are the ones that will work for you both on hot and cold days, protect against rain, and, most importantly, be comfortable to wear.

The best motorcycle clothes have all of the above and can reflect your unique style. The bundle deal they have prepared is a perfect balance between high-protection riding gear, urban streetwear level of style, and an amazing price point.

Keep on reading if you want to stand out from the crowd of similar-looking motorcyclists, feel protected wherever the road leads you and save big on motorcycle apparel.

A cool pair of aramid-reinforced jeans is the base of the rider look, but when it comes together with a stylish, high-quality buffalo leather jacket, it’s a game-changer.

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A masterpiece of style and pure “pizzaz” (without the sparkles) and from March 6 at XLMOTO, you can get both for a special price.

This bundle deal allows you to choose from various models of aramid fibre lined motorcycle pants and buffalo leather boomers & beemers from Course. Mix them however you want and create your own classy set for only £ 79.98!

Visit XLMOTO today and get ready to hit the road with safety and style!

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