Animal Antics 8 – ‘Scooters, music and mayhem!’

Animal Antics 8 Scooter Rally, Doncaster 2018

‘Scooters, music and mayhem!’

The Armthorpe Animals S.C recently held their ‘Animal Antics 8’ Scooter Rally at the Hayfield Fishing and Shooting Lodge, Doncaster.


Our reporter, Stu Smith was there capturing the stories. The full official write-up and photos will feature in the August edition of Scootering Magazine. In the meantime, here are some taster photos and videos of the event. Have a look through them; if you see yourself or recognise a person, or a scooter feel free to download the material and share it with your friends.

If you’ve seen yourself or recognised someone, or a scooter you may well be in our main feature. So make sure you pick up the forthcoming August edition of Scootering to read all about the shenanigans at the ‘Animal Antics 8’ Scooter Rally!



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