Scooters lined up on the promenade along the sea front

A look back at your 2021 ‘Show Us Your Scoots’ Photos

Every issue we feature a load of scooters which readers send in their photos of! Here we look back at every ‘Least Crap Snap’ featured in Scootering magazine throughout 2021.

Dave Evans and pals at the farm clubhouse (a turkey plucking shed) meeting in 1967. “This was before the mobile phones, but you always knew someone would be there. My mate Nige’s SS, and hidden skinhead Martin’s SS. The stories I could tell, the fun we had!”
Ross Butler, 35 years of scootering. His old P2 was featured in issue 50 and he has just based his new Scomadi on that Vespa.
Paul and his PX in Hampton, Herne Bay.
Rob Phelps out doing roadside maintenance when his head gasket blew… we’ve all been there, Rob! Pic sent in by Andy Bird.
I thought I’d share a picture of some of our scooters when we managed to get a wee run out between the lockdowns last year. We ended up at Donaghadee on a superb day. All the best, stay safe. Smudger.
Taken on this blistering hot day in Tamworth, my Lambretta with PX engine. Cheers, Phil English.
Mick Lamb from Scunthorpe sent in this image of his ‘Rust n Bust’ Lambretta.
Rob Faulkner sent in this stunning shot of his TG300 at sunset.
Norton Centurions: Darryl Turnbull, Graham McAllister and John Ellis.
Sunny Cleethorpes… Seaside Gypsy, sent in by Rila Riley.
This month’s winner is by Guy Austin Bride and was taken on the A59 just before Skipton. As he quite rightly says: “Life doesn’t get much better than this.”
Paul Slaney moved to Helsinki in March, taking his Eibar Li150 Winter model with him. “We’ve had a fantastic summer here and done quite a bit of touring. I was also pleased to find that there’s also a small buy very active scooter scene.”

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