#391 – January 2019

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Kickstart – The upfront section with all the latest news, views and product reviews!

Street Sleeper of Desire – Sarge takes a look at this beautiful Targa-Twin street sleeper built by Surrey Scooter Services… it’s one sweet ride.


Trade Show Report: EICMA – It’s Europe’s biggest and best trade show, and we were there to find out the latest news on 2019’s upcoming scooters and products.

Arthur’s Artful GS – The beautiful revamped and resurrected GS of Arthur Lewis, realising his lifetime dream to build this beast.

What’s wrong in Saigon? – Do NOT miss this. If you’ve EVER been tempted to buy a scooter from Vietnam, THIS is the article you need to read first. Stan travelled to the Far East to uncover the truth and this is his report.    


Mailbox – Readers’ letters, laughs, feedback and fury – get it off your chest man!

Show Us Your Scoots – The best of our readers’ rides this month as sent in by you.

Triumph OVER tragedy – After a bad accident on his scooter, John Cartwright found the determination and strength of character to face his demons.


Kev’s Chronicles – Part 1 of our homage to scooter legend Kev Walsh. This episode investigates the Southend troubles, and what it meant for the scooter scene.

Bodger Christmas Special – The main man is back, full of mulled wine and mince pies, and ready to dish out his festive scootering cheer to one and all.

Reader’s Ride: Caddy Vespa – As they say… it takes all sorts! This is one of those weird n’ funky scooters which makes you say – why? And as ever, the answer is: because I can! Enjoy.


Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake – An interview with the legendary Kenney Jones to mark the 50th anniversary re-release of the Small Faces’ Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake album.

Scootering Words & Sounds – The best of scootering words and music as reviewed by Nik and Sarge.

VCB Club page – Russ Machin brings us the latest news in the official VCB newsfeed.

Tech Torque: Building a Lambretta or Vespa Street Racer – Stu Owen brings us Part 4 of his winter tech series, his guide to building a Lambretta or Vespa Street Racer.

Making history: The Cannonball J-range – It’s not the most loved scooter out there, but this J-range packs a punch and has, along with its rider, earned its place in the history books.

Dealer’s Ride Special – Pat from SSC shows us the best of his personal collection, the ones on the ‘not for sale’ list..

Project Street Sleeper – Dan’s new project, no fancy paintjobs, just a discreet pocket rocket. Last month we found a decent chassis, this month we make the engine choice.

Rally Report – Dave O brings us his closing view of the season from the Haven resort in Mablethorpe.

Crazy 88 SC: Delhi to Taj! – A bunch of scooterists, a few bottles of whisky, and the intent to plan an epic trip… what could possibly go wrong?

There Is A Light – They don’t all have to be million-dollar bling-bling machines. This scooter is low-key, but it’s a lovely ride.

 Scooter Trader – Your sales and classifieds section – including Specialist Services and At A Glance.

A knight’s steed: Sir Brad’s GS – You’ve already seen Brad Wiggins’ Lambretta here before, but have you seen his new Vespa?

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