Poly Vespa mounts


Importer VE UK claims that these new Vespa mount and bushing kits will improve handling through less side-to-side play compared to conventional rubber sets. Manufactured from polyurethane with additional aramid fibres, which, according to VE “Create a compliant yet flexible product, that not only has the rebound properties of normal polyurethane but adds unsurpassed tensile strength and abrasion resistance to minimise wear through use.”
The engine mount kits are available for Vespa smallframes including 50, 90, 100 and 125cc, P-Range, T5, Rally, Sprint, Super, GTR, GL, SS, GS160, VBB, VBA, while the suspension bushing fits most of the large frame models as well as the modern ET, GT and GTS autos.
For more information visit www.ve-uk.com

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