Wanted - Your best riding route!

24 March 2015

Express Insurance Services, have launched a new campaign to celebrate a resurgence in motorcycle riding, their idea being to create a "definitive guide" to motorcycling in the UK, where a new interactive map will be created to chart the UK’s best routes, biker-friendly businesses, garages and themed events.

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FREE Scootering stickers

FREE Scootering stickers

9 March 2015

Don't forget folks that the current March 2015 editon of Scootering comes with a FREE sheet of stickers mounted on the cover.
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Scootering up the Stelvio Pass

Scootering up the Stelvio Pass

8 March 2015

Over the past few weeks we've received a few enquiries from readers who tell us they are planning to ride the Stevio Pass, a road we wrote about in issue 338 of Scootering as part of our 'Headlights, White Lines & Black Tar Rivers' feature.

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Feature Articles

1966 World Cup Tribute

1966 World Cup Tribute

20 February 2015

“Some people are on the pitch!
They think it’s all over! It is now, it’s four!”

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Rally Reviews

Woolacombe Scooter Rally 2014

Woolacombe Scooter Rally 2014

24 October 2014

With a couple of new pistons to run in, what better than almost 300 miles of A roads as the crow flies west to one of the prettiest locations on the BSRA calendar to clock up the necessary numbers?

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VespaRaid 2014

17 December 2014

Resumen de algunas secuencias aéreas del Vespa Raid Maroc 2014

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Current Issue: Apr 2015

Issue Apr 2015

 Rare 1968 Fuji Rabbit
 Classic interviews: White Rose Lambretta Club
 Back to basics: Lambretta rear hub bearing change
 What flicks your switch: Tuned 2-stroke auto OR 4-speed 40hp classic?
 CWSC's 10-point guide to subzero scooter adventure
 Small Faces musical; workshop essentials; latest scooter news; 


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Issue 346

Issue 346
Apr 2015

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