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Maroon Machine

Maroon Machine

27 March 2014

The scooter you see here gets its name and theme from the British Army’s Parachute Regiment and its distinctive head-wear.

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Martini Gold

27 March 2014.

For many, the stereotypical image of ‘perfected Mod machinery’ is forever cemented as that of Sting’s mount in Quadrophenia. Railing against that opinion however, this Vespa GS VS5 is a study in the concept of ‘less is more’ and is actually probably closer to the authentic look of an early 1960s peacock chariot.

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1958 Vespa GS 150 VS4

27 February 2014.

“I love Italian food, I holiday in Italy, I even married an Italian.” Given her self-confessed obsession with all things Italian, it’s hardly a surprise that Toni Bonsignore owns and rides a neat vintage Vespa too.

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To Think This Is England

27 February 2014.

Owned by Eddie Haardiman, this scooter is mainly based upon the UK miners’ strike of 1984/85. This saw a major struggle between the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) and the ruling Conservative Government of the time led by the infamous Maggie Thatcher.

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Start Me Up

23 January 2014.

Sometimes in life your biggest challenges are the ones you present yourself, like hunting down your old scooter to buy it back, only to strip it down completely and build a show-winning custom from bare metal up.

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When is a Rally 200 not a Rally 200?

23 January 2014.

At first glance this scooter looks like a tidy Vespa Rally 200. Indeed the first time Barrie saw it at the SIP custom show back in April last year he gave it only a cursory look and moved on. If only he’d known…

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TV 200 Series 1

23 January 2014.

When Mark Lewis came across the opportunity to have a Lambretta TV Series 1 frame he saw it as a creative challenge, which he promptly grabbed with both hands and set about evolving.

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Special Lambretta Li

19 December 2013.

Peter Sundfeldt was bitten by the scooter bug after riding his twin brother’s Vespa PX200 and his older brother’s Heinkel Kabine in the mid 1980s, both of which machines he thought were pretty cool. Peter then bought his own Heinkels towards the late 1990s, a Kabine bubble car and a Tourist scooter.

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Cal-look cutdown

19 December 2013.

I’m not the first person to notice the parallels between the scooter scene and the VW one. Certainly Terry Meierhofer from King’s Lynn got there way before me, quite literally, but what caused him to switch between scooter rallies and Bug Jams?

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Another Man's Cause

19 December 2013.

The Falklands War was the first major conflict involving British troops to be televised pretty much ‘as it happened’, ingraining the likes of Ascension Island, HMS Sheffield and ‘yomping’ on our memories for ever.

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