Published: 10:01AM Jan 27th, 2011
By: Web Editor

Three years ago now, at the beginning of 2008, I came across ACF-50 at a motorcycle trade show. ACF-50 (Anti-Corrosion Formula) was originally designed to protect aircraft from corrosion, the US Navy now use it all the time apparently on the jets on their aircraft carriers.


I don’t understand the science but by all accounts ACF-50 contains no water, silicon, Teflon or wax which they say means ‘no risk of existing corrosion being sealed in” and that it “chemically neutralizes the corrosive effects of road salt.” They continue that it’s “active which means that it ‘creeps’ and keeps on working” and because of its properties you can spray it on, spread it with a rag, and it won’t wash off immediately, lasting up to 12 months in some applications.

Back in the real world, in 2008 I nailed two wire wool pads (like Brillo pads) to a wooden pallet leaning up against my garage at home. One of the pads I’d soaked in ACF-50 beforehand. Within a short while the untreated pad started to rust. A year later I reviewed the product as the treated wire wool was still looking  immaculate.

Well folks, three years later and the ACF-50 is still doing its job. The untreated pad has long since rusted away to nothing, the dust carried off in the wind. The ACF-50 pad is still there though, out in all weathers come rain or shine, sleet or snow, the only signs of corrosion being around the nail in the middle which fastens it to the pallet – and no, I didn’t treat the nail!

In the meantime I’ve sprayed the underside of my Vespa Rally 200 with it (anyone who’s owned one will tell you they attract rust like nothing else!), as well as my P2, the Series 1 before we went to Spain and use the ACF-50 Corrosion Block Grease too on builds. It’s not cheap at around £12 to £17 per 13oz spray can (as always, shop around), but it works which to me means it’s worth the cash. No classic scooter rider should be without it.


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